About us:

Cytoptics was founded by Drs. Lid B. Wong and Hua Mao at 2008.

The mission of Cytoptics is to provide novel bionanosensor technologies and assays for cell-based high content, high throughput screening drug discovery and development, as well as for point-of-care devices.


Lid B. Wong, PhD -- Chief Executive/Technical Officer, Co-founder.

Dr. Wong, a cofounder of Cytoptics Corporation, is responsible for the oversight and development of the company's technologies and their strategic competitive advantage in a highly competitive market place.  Prior to forming Cytotpics, Dr. Wong has co-founded BioTechPlex Coorporation (1998-2010) in which he remained as a member of the Broad of Directors. He also held positions of Associate Professor in Bioengineering and Research Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Illinois at Chicago prior to founding BioTechPlex Corporation.  Dr. Wong has developed an armamentarium of novel systems and assays, using advanced sophisticated engineering and breakthrough scientific technologies.  These novel systems facilitate the real-time dynamic measurement of intra and intercellular function in vitro and in vivo based on advanced optical and signal processing techniques. 

Hua Mao, MD, PhD -- Chief Medical/Scientific Officer, Co-founder.

Dr. Mao is responsible for leading Cytoptics' cell-based assays for both drug discovery and point-of-care device dvelopment. Prior to co-founding Cytotpics, she is the head of drug discovery of Biotechplex corporation in developing an epithelial cell bank, a new generation of high-content, high-throughput cell-based drug screening systems and other technologies related to drug discovery. Dr. Mao's R&D efforts include sensors, bio-optics, molecular biology, and cellular/molecular engineering. Prior to joining BioTechPlex, she was a research scientist at Nanogen. She is dexterous with many advanced biomedical engineering techniques including Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) fabrication and application development, microprocessor-based digital signal processing, and the design of electro-optical and bio-optical systems for fluorescence detection. She has applied these advanced technologies to investigate receptor-mediated signal transduction mechanisms in cell cultures. Dr. Mao received her PhD in Bioengineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago . She also holds a MD degree from Shanghai Medical University .  

Contact Information: Cytoptics Corporation, 9030 Kenamar Drive, Ste 308, San Diego, CA., 92121-2432.

Phone: 858-695-8035; email: info@cytoptics.com

Careers: Please send inquires to:- info@cytoptics.com