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June 2012. Cytoptics' published article "Na+ sensing quantum dots for cell-based screening of intracellular Na+ concentrations ([Na+]i)., Talanta.,85: 694-700, 2011" has been selected by Advances In Engineering ( and is now featured on line.

April 2012. Cytoptics makes two presentations at Experimental Biology, 2012 entitled "Quantum-dots based nanobiosensor for intracellular glucose measurements" and "Measurements of dynamic [Cl]i responses in stably expressed ClC2 cells with QD-based chloride nanobiosensor, Cl-QD."

Jan 2012. Cytoptics presents an invitation talk entitled" Quantum-dots-based Nanobiosensors for simultaneous dynamic measurements of multiple intracellular ion concentrations" at the SPIE Meeting "Colloidal Nanocrystals for Biomedical Applications".

April, 2011. Cytotpics grant the US patent of a point-of-care device for the measurement of cardiac autonomic function entitled "Instantaneous Autonomic Nervous Function and Cardiac Predictability based on Heart and Puse Rate Variability Abalysis by Lid B Wong et al"

Jan 2011. Cytoptics expands its research facilities and relocates to 9030 Kenamar Dr., San Diego.

April 2010. Featured comments of the Cl-QD article by the American Physiological Society. Synosis published in the Physiologist in Physiology Highlights -- How can scientists measure dynamic intracellular chloride concentration in cells? Physiology. vol 25: 59-60, April, 2010

Mar 2010. Featured story of Cytoptics' "Cl-QD" published in nanotechnology by nanotechweb, Institute of Physics (IOP). Quantum dots measure intracellular chloride ion concentration, Probes exploit inversely proportional relationship between chloride ion concentration and intensity of QD fluorescence. The news item is live on
The story is also featured on IOPscience -

April 2009. Cytoptics commenced operations at San Marcos, CA.

June 2008. Cytoptics was founded by Drs Mao and Wong.


Nanobiosensor Technologies

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Tissue and Material BioEngineering

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