Our proprietary technologies allow the detection and analysis of weak optical signals emitted by cells, particularly those embedded in noise.  They can be used to detect and follow in real time, with millisecond resolution, multiple simultaneous signals that result from fluorescent and chemiluminescent cellular components.  These technologies have broad application in cellular signal transduction and the improvement of the efficiency of high throughput drug screening.

Prinicipal Technologies

1) A new generation of ion, protein and glucose indicators and biomarkers based on quantum-dots technologies, conjugation and cell-loading protocols for highly specific and highly sensitive detection.

2) Tissue Engineering for the culture of primary cells

3) Stably-expressed genetic engineered cell models targeting ion channels, transporters and nuclear receptors.

4) Optical Systems including (i) dynamic laser light scattering for cell motility and contractility; (ii) fluorescent detection technologies

5) Cell-based high content high throughput screening technologies -- Our proprietary systems are designed to substantially reduce both the time and costs presently expended for screening drug candidates for both efficacy and toxicity.  These cell-based technologies provide a rapid and efficient method by  which multiple simultaneous bio-optical cellular signals are continuously tracked on a millisecond time scale and analyzed in real-time.  novel technologies and cell lines for ionic mechanism-dependent drug discovery, validation and safety pharmacology.